SpaceHack Luxembourg looks to design solutions for a future lunar colony

Between Friday 12 and Sunday 14 November 2021 teams of space-related professionals and international university/doctoral students will compete to design innovative concepts that could be deployed for a Lunar Colony in the Year 2040.

Participants will be invited to work on the following primary domains of a Lunar Colony Architecture:

  • Lunar Space Access (lunar orbit-to-surface transportation for crew and cargo)
  • Lunar Observation & Communication (remote sensing, PNT, IoT)
  • Lunar Habitation (habitats manufacturing, construction, farming, sustainable life support solutions)
  • Lunar Power (production, storage, distribution of power to support)
  • Lunar Orbital Services (satellite repair, debris, orbital refueling, orbital manufacturing)
  • Lunar Resource Mining (mining, extracting, processing, storing solutions)

The competing teams are invited the following hackathon process steps:

  • Explore the topic together with expert coaches and issue ideas
  • Define solutions to turn the ideas into concepts
  • Design applicable functional concepts and solutions

Créaction is pleased to support the event through their PUSH-GR Interreg project with their CEO, Jean-Paul Henry, recruited to the coaching team. 

The winning team will receive support for concept prototyping within a Concurrent Design Facility. In the 3 months following the hackathon the team will be offered coaching sessions by selected coaches and experts in order to deliver a Project Design Report, including a detailed executable use case, road map, and strategic plan of a lunar colony. In addition each team member will receive a 300€ voucher. The second prize consists of a 200€ voucher for each team member, while the third prize features a 100€ voucher per team member.

The award ceremony takes place on 18 November at the Technoport in Esch/Belval.



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