Space Creativity Centre

A 2-3 day immersion-type workshop to pre-incubate an innovation project with sector-specific experts, customers and financial experts

Over the years Créaction has perfected its model of a “Space Creativity Centre” which brings together the champions of space-related business projects with experts, potential customers and financial experts who provide professional insights into the feasibility of the projects and advice and practical help on how to improve them and prepare them for incubation. The sessions are held 3-4 times per year at the ESA/ESEC station at Redu in the Ardennes (Belgium) which offers a secluded and propitious work environment ideal for an immersion-type activity.

Each workshop can accommodate 3 projects simultaneously. Each session is divided into 2 stages: a first preparatory phase to analyse the idea and associated problem areas and identify and recruit the relevant experts from the space industry and wider afield. The second, immersion phase at Redu mobilises for each project and project holder a team consisting of a coach, technical experts, designers, potential customers and financial experts, either face-to-face or via a virtual platform.

Previous participants have praised the quality and pertinence of the advice and expertise they obtained during the workshop, which in general helps them to gain 6 to 12 months in the design, technical validation and optimization of their business concept and clarify its future vision and direction with a pre-business plan.


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