CEO Jean-Paul Henry addressed the audience on how Space can be useful in our daily lives

The Summer Space Festival took place on 5-6 May 2023 at the Neimënster abbay in Luxembourg with the mission to inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts, while raising awareness about the importance of space in our daily lives.

Friday's programme was dedicated to students and young professionals. They were able to attend conferences, discover professional opportunities and ask questions to representatives of companies working in the sector. The event on the Saturday was open to the general public with fun activities for children, a planetarium, a virtual reality escape game, moon rover driving and a workshop to train as an astronaut.

Créaction's CEO, Jean-Paul Henry, was an invited speaker in the plenary programme on the Saturday afternoon on the theme of "Space: How is it useful in our daily lives?". This was an opportunity for the audience to reflect on some of the technological spin-offs from the space programme which have a positive impact on our lives on earth. Examples included microencapsulated Phase Change Materials (PCM) used in space suits for thermoregulation in textiles, encrypted web communication for telemedicine in Africa and an airlock cover used in the International Space Station for the transport of nuclear waste.



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