FORGING RESILIENCE: a cohesive and proactive approach to cybersecurity

For several years now, the space sector has been making major investments and carrying out research in response to attacks by cybercriminals

Conferences are basically an opportunity to discuss common issues, but they are also places where available technologies can be fine-tuned, and a wider public can be made aware of them... even in the context of cyber resilience! 

In today’s digital age, space infrastructure is more connected and reliant on technology than ever before. This increased interconnectivity introduces vulnerabilities and risks that demand a cohesive and proactive approach to cybersecurity. 

For non-space manufacturers, the rapid rotation of information to counter potential attacks can prevent a great deal of damage. Accessibility technologies (hardware and software) must work in mutually monitored networks to ensure rapid and effective responses.

Today, every manufacturer and every company has a duty to inform itself, or at least to integrate the best cyber resilience technologies into its own products/ processes/ services,

What entrepreneur will not one day be confronted with cybercrime?

CREACTION took part in two major security conferences on 8 February and 22 February 2024, looking more closely at how to work on space technology transfer. The first workshop, in Brussels (BELSPO, ESA and the European Commission), focused on 'Cyber Resilience in Space'. The second major conference, in Luxembourg, organised by and under the aegis of the LSA, ESA and EU, provided an opportunity to take stock of the state of play of the famous GOVSATCOM contract, the future cyber security umbrella for Europe: more than 800 participants came to debate at international level. The EU’s GOVSATCOM initiative aims to pool and share governmental and commercial satellite services to provide secure and guaranteed access to satcom for a wide range of governmental, institutional and commercial applications requiring security and reliability.

For several years now, the space sector has been making major investments and carrying out research in response to attacks by cybercriminals. Certain services and technologies can already be transferred under certain conditions. Most of the time, these are service developments that you can acquire to strengthen your security. Don't hesitate to call on them!

Two years ago, a consortium of 7 space and non-space B-L companies, working with CREACTION, developed a complete high-security service for monitoring, anticipating and resolving potential crises in the SEVESO chemical industry. Some of these technologies are available! Don't hesitate to give us a call.

 Tell us your problem, and we'll look at space solutions together! 



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