Discover the world of ESA patents as a source of potential technological solutions and win €15 000 prize money to develop your technology transfer

The competition with €15 000 of prize money is funded by the ESA Commercialisation Gateway and supported by the Luxembourg Space Agency and is open to all companies, independent of their sector, which are operating on the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. They are invited to submit a technology challenge or describe a technological problem relating to the development of a new product, process or service and consult the ESA patent database at in order to identify a potential solution.

Interested applicants should complete a short application form, comprising (1) their contact details, (2) a description of their technology challenge/problem or their idea-concept, (3) a description of one or several potential matching technology solutions from the ESA patent database and (4) an outline of the steps they would take to pre-validate the match between their technology challenge and the potential solution should they win the prize. This could include, inter alia, a prior art study, a comparison of competing technological solutions, a test and/or a proof of concept.

The closing date for applications is 6 Dcember 2022. The applications will be evaluated during the second week of December by an evaluation board consisting of three technology transfer experts . The challenge which is selected by the evaluation panel as having the most promising match between the industrial problem and the space solution will receive prize money of €15 000 in order to study the potential of the transfer and carry out a pre-validation of the match. Créaction will be on hand to provide back-up support to the company to maximize the chances of success.

Interested companies should contact Créaction to receive an application form -



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