SPACE COMPOSITE MATERIALS: “Be inspired and accelerate your business”

In the space industry, three major trends are emerging: self-repair, adaptability and multifunctionality

In March 2024, JEC World brought together in Paris the entire value chain of the composite materials industry; it is "the place to be" for composites professionals from all over the world. 

For CREACTION, the large stand of the Chamber of Commerce was the place to discuss the transfer of space technologies (spin-in), in particular an exciting ESA challenge involving cooperation between two European companies (L and I) whose LFAM (Large-Format Additive Manufacturing) technologies can complement each other to produce an innovative on-board process for the space industry.

The space sector has been interested in the qualities of composites for several years now, and today they're within your reach! Already developed and tested for space conditions, there are great products, processes and even patents to be had for your terrestrial applications!  Increase the added value of your products and services, and enhance the quality of your future products!

In the space industry, three major trends are emerging: self-repair, adaptability and multifunctionality. This last quality of material, for example, can give you a major advantage: that of spectacularly reducing the mass and energy consumption of ground vehicles, the support structures you manufacture and/or the finished construction products. At JEC World, we were particularly interested in two other major trends: the blending of long and short natural fibres and the future business of composites recycling. These trends show that the future of composites will bring many more improvements for the benefit of end consumers.

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