CREACTION International is a an engineering, innovation and technology transfer company operating in the Greater Region of Luxembourg, Wallonia (Belgium), Lorraine (France) and the Saar (Germany).

The company takes a holistic approach to helping build its clients’ innovation capacity by working on the related creativity, intellectual property, research and development, marketing and financial aspects.

As the ESA Technology Broker for Luxembourg, Creaction is mandated to assist Luxembourg-based start-ups and SMEs, no matter what their field of business, with identifying and integrating space applications which can satisfy their innovation needs or solve a technological problem.


Multidisciplinary team joined by hand-picked experts on a project-by-project basis

Jean-Paul HENRY

Managing Director of Créaction International with over 30 years of experience advising and accompanying clients on their innovation journey.


Project Manager responsible for company administration, events organisation and relations with clients.


Market research expert for new technologies, regular guest coach at sessions of the Space Creativity Session.


EM-SAT Project Manager and expert in cyber security and associated space mission development.

Christine ROBINSON

Responsible for communication and website content development and editing.


2 locations, 2 countries, plus outreach to the Greater Saar-Lor-Lux Region


Founded in 1993, Creaction International Sàrl is headquartered in Luxembourg-city. It serves SME and start-up clients in various sectors, including transport, chemicals, IT and space in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Its activities as technology broker for the ESA/BASS programme focus on helping Luxembourgish companies identify and integrate space technologies which can add value to their business.

67 rue du Château, L-1329 Luxembourg

+352 42 77 21


Creaction International Belgium Sprl operates from the ESA-ESEC (European Space Agency - European Space Security and Education Centre) site at Redu in the Belgian Ardennes. The company has access to ESEC’s top-class workshop and meeting facilities where the various sessions of Creaction’s Space Creativity Centre take place.

ESA-ESEC, 1 Place de l’ESA, B-6890 Redu

+32 61 28 74 50

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