An Erasmus+ (AK2) project involving textile and design students from higher education institutions in Belgium, France and Spain with a view to integrating space technologies in their joint research projects ...

This EU-funded project, which runs from 2019 to 2022, brings together the complimentary skills of students pursuing textile and design studies in three countries. They are:

  • Fashion stylists from ESNE in Madrid (Spain)
  • Textile designers at HEFF in Brussels (Belgium)
  • Textile engineers from ITECH in Lyon (France)
As the fourth partner in the consortium, Créaction International supports the student teams with integrating state-of-the-art space technologies in their research projects. The exchanges take place during transnational workshops which focus on

  • Creativity
  • Feasibility
  • Prototyping
The aim is to allow each member of the research teams to become familiar with the full process of developing an industrial product and the inherent challenges of taking it through to production. The project gives the students the opportunity to be confronted with challenges which are different to those related to their original field of specialisation, thereby helping to promote entrepreneurship and optimising their employability on a European scale.

The project not only facilitates the development of specific research skills but also improves the students’ approach to analysis, synthesis and communication. It is intended that the results of Utop’Textile be applicable not only to fashion but also to the design of objects or interiors.


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