An Interreg-sponsored project involving 12 partners in the Greater Saar-Lorr-Lux-Wallonia-Rhineland-Palatinate region to raise awareness of start-ups to the business and networking opportunities offered in the Greater Region ...

When a company is in its start-up phase, the founders do not often recognise the opportunities offered by networking in the Greater Region. For this reason the PUSH.GR project (standing for the German acronym meaning Platform for entrepreneurs and students of higher education institutions in the Greater Region) aims to support sustainable cross-border cooperation for the creation and networking of firms. The ultimate ambition is to create opportunities for acquiring new partners, customers and markets within the Greater Region and the European Union as a whole.

Activities include entrepreneurial awareness raising, a PUSH.GR start-up competition, legal and fiscal advice highlighting the differences of doing business in each country of the Greater Region as well as signposting to the different types of financial support available for start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs in the different countries. Other forms of cooperation and networking include Business Dating and thematic conferences as well as special sessions of the Space Creativity Centre pioneered by Créaction International.

Twice a year Créaction holds a call for projects for companies in the Greater Region to take part in a Space Creativity Centre session, an acceleration programme aiming to optimize and validate an innovative project/idea/service by integrating state-of-the-art space technologies.

The support program allows three companies per session, from both the space and non-space sectors, to take advantage of a combination of results-oriented creativity sessions, access to dedicated technical experts and design techniques to validate their innovation with space technologies.

More information can be found at http://push-gr.eu/

You can also use the contact form if you are based in the Greater Region and are interested in developing your project with us.


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