An ESA-funded, highly secure crisis anticipation, supervision and management tool-platform, offering a complete toolbox of functionalities for chemical plants and SEVESO site managers ...

EM-SAT (Espace Management by Satellite) is a future innovative product destined to ensure the high security of chemical plants and their surrounding populations which is supported by the European Space Agency (ESA) and developed thanks to the specific strengths and skills of eight Belgian and Luxembourg partners. The space technologies involved relate to cyber security, satellite imagery and data quality control.

The EM-SAT platform is set to become one of the main tools for fulfilling SEVESO obligations of making sure that all necessary measures to prevent major incidents and to limit their consequences are taken and information regarding such incidents can be timely and easily accessed by the parties with appropriate rights to such information, as outlined in the directive. The platform will significantly improve collaboration, access to information, decision-making and security of crisis management operations as well as crisis prevention and training tools, including scenario planning and procedures.

EM-SAT is being tested through demonstration scenarios initiated within environments able to show the main features of EM-SAT monitoring and response management in the context of SEVESO incidents. Components of the EM-SAT platform protect reactively and proactively the crisis management network from cyber-attacks. Cyber security incidents are being simulated and handled within the EM-SAT demonstration environments with reactive response plans, while the system is proactively protected through a dynamic risk assessment engine. Access to information by the various stakeholders is secured by strong digital identification of these parties and the chemical infrastructures involved.

The Belgo-Luxembourg industrial partnership consists of eight private/public companies which have been studying, developing and pooling the complementarities and advantages of each of their services for the purpose of building the EM-SAT platform and thereby securing the safety of employees and installations at risk.

They are :

  • IDT (L):3D industrial imaging and provider of the 3D integration software METIS
  • LUXTRUST (L): high security for data, people and trusted services, Europe approved
  • SPACE4ENVIRONMENT (L): "high definition and interpretation" of satellite imagery
  • CREACTION INT Lux (L): transfer of AMALFI, a space data quality control software
  • INTECH (L): creation of digital systems and solutions / operating systems
  • POLYRIS (B): design office for industrial risk prevention and management, spin-off from UMons
  • RHEA GROUP (B): engineering office for security solutions in the space field, specialized in cyber security and present with an office on the ESEC site in Redu
  • CREACTION INT Belgium (B): design office in industrial creativity and innovation, coordinator of the EM-SAT project.


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