ESA Technology
Broker for Luxembourg

Access to space technologies for terrestrial application and to ESA Space Solutions funding opportunities for kick-start, feasibility studies and demonstrations projects ...

A network of Technology Brokers has been put in place by the European Space Agency to create added value for and boost European industry through joint collaboration between a space organization and a non-space industry. Créaction operates as the ESA Technology Broker for Luxembourg (2020-2023), working closely with ESA/BASS - Business Applications and Space Solutions –( and LSA - Luxembourg Space Agency (

 We take a market-led approach that focuses on assessing the needs of non-space industries and subsequently matching their needs with technologies, know-how and other assets developed throughout the entire European space industry in order to create Space Solutions. Space applications cover an array of specialties, including satellite navigation and communication, earth observation, hard- and software, sensors and measuring technologies, robotics and automation, medical technology, energy, mechanical components, optoelectronics and optics, as well as new materials.

If you have an Innovation Challenge - an existing problem for which you have no well-defined solution –we can help you examine it from a technical and commercial perspective and source a space technology capable of providing a potential solution.

If you have a Technology Request – i.e. you have already clearly defined the problem and drafted technical specifications – we can help identify and assess space technologies capable of providing a potential solution.

In both scenarios, we collaborate with the ESA Space Solutions Network of Technology Brokers, Business Incubation Centres (ESA-BICs) and Business Application Ambassadors to search and source a matching technology across all ESA member states.

A further important aspect of our service offer is to signpost you to appropriate ESA funding mechanisms, e.g. kick-start, feasibility study or a demonstration project, to finance the technology transfer.

If you are interested in exploring how space technology can boost your business, please send your request via the contact form.


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